Apartment building in Beyoğlu, Istanbul


from 606 380

Price: from 606 380

Property ID: 13

Information about the object

Square: от 80.46 m²

Number of bedrooms: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1

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Istanbul — it is a city where all eyes are always on you in any period of history, uniting cultures and civilizations.

The Taksim area, which unites two continents, different cultures, languages, sounds and tastes, is located in the heart of Istanbul. This project promises a rich life with its art galleries and location. It is the largest renovation project in Turkey and has been awarded the "Best Urban Renewal Project in Europe". The project has been updated to accurately preserve the historical, architectural and cultural values of Beyoğlu. The project realizes a full life with its offices and residential blocks, shops, art galleries and location. Luxurious details will exceed all your expectations.

This is a lively place that caters to a wide variety of needs in the Beyoglu and Pera districts where the embassies are located. Taksim is also home to the oldest educational institutions, museums and exhibitions of Istanbul. It is rich in cultural values. There are many reasons to live and do business here.

This building rationally combines the historical texture of the region with futuristic architecture. The architects attached particular importance to the environment. Everyone has many reasons to live and work here, not only today, but also in two thousand years.

The building is surrounded by culture, history, art and life. The best tastes of world cuisine are offered to your attention. The richness of life - from restaurants to cafes, from museums to art galleries within walking distance.

In addition, in Galata you can see the work of leading local glass craftsmen. You can visit the photo exhibition on every corner in Tunel and Galatasaray. The latest works of famous artists will be within walking distance of this region.

Enjoy the silence and the view from the window on the cozy streets. Let a light breeze blow the curtains, and the smell of fresh coffee rises from the kitchen and the sun fills the whole room.

To run a successful business, it houses offices with modern architectural details, ideal for high-level meetings. An elegant office lobby that welcomes you and your guests makes a great first impression.


For a prestigious business life, there is a VIP transfer service that is ideal for your meetings in another part of the city, as well as an airport transfer service. You can enjoy the perks needed in the rush of modern life.

You may need a housekeeper. You simply specify the time for cleaning the apartment and dry cleaners. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you do not have time to park, you can use the Valet Park privilege for yourself and your guests.


Iconic brands of world fashion are at your service with a wide range of products in and around this project (Nishantashi, Tunel and Galata).

You can find all kinds of services you are looking for, from clothing to supermarkets and finishing.


  • 360 m. – Taksim Square
  • 300 m. – Metro Taksim
  • 3 km. – Nisantasi district
  • 3 km. – Besiktas district
  • 6 km. - 15 July Martyrs Bridge
  • 6 km. – Levent area
  • 15 km. – Maslak district
  • 17 km. – Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • 54 km. – Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
  • 20 km. – Ataturk Airport
  • 38 km. – Istanbul Airport
  • 40 km. – Sabiha Gokce Airport

Price list

  • 1+1 from 80.46 sq.m. up to 104.5 sq.m. min. 606 380 euros Max. €904 420
  • 2+1 from 102.20 sq.m. up to 234.62 sq.m. min. 791 370 euros Max. EUR 1 921 890
  • 3+1 from 170 sq.m. up to 255.59 sq.m. min. 1 130 530 euros Max. EUR 1 932 170

Object Infrastructure

  • Offices
  • Parking in the common area

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