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The favorable location, pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful natural landscapes, stunning beaches, historical sights, and highly developed urban and resort infrastructure contribute to the image of modern Istanbul. Affordable prices and the simple procedure of acquiring a residence permit...



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Просторная квартира в районе Картал, Стамбул

Property ID: 361

from 183 540

Захватывающая дух вилла в Бодруме, Мугла

Property ID: 353

from 1 901 480

Идеальные виллы в районе Арнавуткёй, Стамбул

Property ID: 351

from 1 082 890

Two cozy apartments in Beylikduzu, Istanbul and Edirne

Property ID: 350

from 446 920

Spectacular Villas in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Property ID: 349

from 2 418 340

Spectacular Villas in Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Rooms:5+2, 6+2, 7+2


от 576 m²

Amazing apartment in Eyup, Istanbul

Property ID: 348

from 197 310

Multi-apartment residential complex in Eyup area, Istanbul

Property ID: 347

from 234 010

Individual selection of real estate

Istanbul is the right place to buy property abroad!

The favorable location, pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful natural landscapes, stunning beaches, historical sights, and highly developed urban and resort infrastructure contribute to the image of modern Istanbul.

Affordable prices and the simple procedure of acquiring a residence permit and citizenship are additional advantages e real estate that would attract tourists and investors.

When buying real estate in Istanbul, you become the owner of the high-end property and get the lifestyle you deserve!

Real estate in Istanbul is a unique opportunity to have a vacation at any time of the year and a guaranteed reliable investment. The stable interest in Turkish real estate among foreigners can be explained by the desire to secure a reliable investment asset and savings.

Real estate market in istanbul

The Turkish real estate market is relatively young, but this does not prevent it from confidently getting a leading position in development rates among other countries. The reasons for this are clear: the republic's government is actively promoting residential real estate construction and the simultaneous development of the tourism industry. It attracts foreigners who are interested in a profitable investment to the country. Today, foreigners can buy inexpensive apartments and luxurious villas on the seashore in Turkey. It all comes down to the budget and preferences of the buyer.

Moreover, you can invest in real estate in Istanbul at any stage of construction: it can be either ready-to-live-in real estate or buildings under construction.

The primary market is developing at a rapid pace. Every year, a great number of new multi-apartment projects which organically fit into the natural landscapes spring up in all regions. Developers use the existing advantages - the proximity of the sea and mountains, laying out parks around houses, creating gardening and landscape design of real estate premises, and adding architectural lighting.

The internal infrastructure of the multi-apartment residential building amazes them with its diversity and chic. Careful planning and skillful implementation of the bold ideas of designers and architects made it possible. The territory of the residential building offers residents access to swimming pools, saunas, hammams, and gyms. Every apartment owner has a parking space at the residential building parking lot. Elite residences offer residents lounges with billiards, table tennis, and game consoles. The outdoor facilities include street basketball and volleyball courts, cinemas, and restaurants. 

The apartments are sold with a finished interior in pleasant light marine tones. There are flooring and interior doors, the kitchen has a built-in suite with a granite countertop, and the bathroom has high-quality plumbing. The price of the real estate includes the cost of the finished interior. Hence, there is no need to waste time searching for a repair team, working out a budget for redecoration materials, and waiting another six months until you can enjoy the comfort and coziness of a new home.

If you prefer to live in a detached house, you can find many villas, mansions, cottages, and townhouses on the seashore or at the foot of the mountains.

Cost of turkish real estate

The popularity of Turkish real estate among foreigners is related to the low cost of housing compared to other European countries. While the average price per square meter has long exceeded 2,000 euros in the European market, it remains at the rate of 600-800 euros per square meter in Turkey. For example, the cost of real estate in Spanish megacities is two times higher than in similar Turkish ones. Greek real estate is, on average, 1.5 as expensive as Turkish. Italy offers the highest prices and exceeds  Turkey by 2.5 or even three times.

The cost of real estate depends on the number of rooms, the age of the building, the window view, the number of floors, the proximity of infrastructure, and the facilities in the residential building premises.

Istanbul is the perfect location for investment

Real estate in Istanbul combines the best value for money and a quick return on investments.

Renting out apartments and houses is a common practice - the growing number of tourist contributes to an additional increase in profits, thereby reducing the depreciation period of real estate. The return on investment for real estate in Istanbul takes 8-10 years on average while offering an average annual return of around 8%.

Concerning resale gain, there is a steady rise in real estate prices on the market. This indicator is in the range of 10–15%. If you buy an apartment in Istanbul and wait 3-4 years, you can earn up to 50% of the original cost of the property.

However, for a profitable investment in Turkish real estate, it is crucial to consider several criteria. First of all, you need to know the dynamics and conjuncture of the market.

When choosing an investment-attractive real estate, Sky Turk Property relies on such vital indicators as:

Real estate agency Sky Turk Property is a team of professionals who understand what their client wants. We offer only real estate that will become a profitable investment for the client.

Residence permit and citizenship of turkey in return for real estate investment

A foreigner can acquire Turkish citizenship within 4-6 months by meeting the requirements of the investment program. The prime condition is the purchase of real estate worth $ 400,000 and owning it for three years. In this case, a foreigner will not need to pass the Turkish language and the history tests. The investor himself and his family members can apply for citizenship.

To obtain a Turkish residence permit, an investor should purchase a property in Istanbul worth at least $75,000. If the property renewed the ikamet annually for five years, he can apply for citizenship.

Sky Turk Property provides a full range of pre-and after-sales services: from organizing an inspection tour with a real estate demonstration to assisting in obtaining a residence permit and investor citizenship after finalizing a buy-sale agreement. Clients can also receive advice on the distribution of investment assets and the subsequent management of real estate in Istanbul.


Investing in real estate in Istanbul is not only profitable but also simple. The process of real estate purchase for foreign citizens is quite simple and takes only a few days. It consists of the following steps:

You can buy real estate in Istanbul remotely, without personal presence, with a notarized power of attorney for the Sky Turk  Property real estate company representative.

Real estate prices in Istanbul start from 65,000 euros. For this amount, you can buy a spacious apartment with a living room and a separate bedroom in one of the residential buildings from the developer.

The purchase of real estate in Istanbul is particularly profitable at the construction stage. The purchase at the start of sales will save up to 30% of the cost of the real estate. Many developers offer favorable terms of interest-free installments, which is especially attractive for buyers with a tight budget.

Istanbul is a comfortable city not only for holidays but also for life and investments. The advantages include excellently developed urban and resort infrastructure, a wide range of quality facilities and affordable prices on the real estate market, a quick and easy purchase procedure, a stable increase in real estate prices, and high income from renting real estate.