Extravagant residential complex in Chayirkoy area, Kocaeli


from 170 080

Price: from 170 080

Property ID: 311

Information about the object

Square: от 132.70 m²

Number of bedrooms: 3+1, 4+1, 2+1

More Details: Apartments

Delivery date: 30.05.2024


About the project

This extravagant project consists of 6 blocks and 430 apartments on an area of 30.000 m2 and is located in the Chayirkoy area of Kocaeli. These 7-storey blocks have a garden duplex, a rooftop duplex and regular apartments from 1+1 to 4.5+1. As part of the project, some apartments have a sauna and a Turkish bath. The complex has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds, entertainment areas for adults, an amphitheater, cafe, basketball court, tennis court, fitness, Turkish bath, sauna as common areas with 24-hour security.

In autumn and winter, a romantic love for rain and the chirping of birds with a special exciting vitality is manifested here ... It is pleasant to live in this residential complex all 4 seasons of the year.

How nice it is to live in every moment with a comfortable project in Kocaeli. He is full of privilege. How nice it is to live when you find peace as soon as you take your step! A large pond, located right in the middle, satisfies the longing for blue, the best friend of green. The residential complex, built in the style of modern architecture, promises a life intertwined with nature, outside your home. This makes your pastime enjoyable and privileged. In the project, living spaces are intertwined and far apart due to their unique location... Its architectural details are also in impressive harmony with nature. How pleasant it is to live in the arms of a lush forest, under an endless azure sky! The spacious living spaces of the apartments feature an original landscape surrounded by greenery and every need will transform your expectations into happiness with thoughtful details. This is an exclusive project with architecture integrated with nature. How nice it is to live in a modern house in the bosom of nature! Rounded corners expand the space and offer spacious living spaces. The panorama abounds thanks to its large windows. Bright apartments create a beautiful view of your home, which at the same time merges with the skyline. What a pleasure it is to live when you say, "There's nothing better than home!" The superior quality of appliances, equipment, materials and workmanship also ensures maximum comfort. Attention to detail, allowing you to enjoy life with your loved ones, makes life easier in in this comfortable residential complex. How nice to live when quality and luxury are combined with details that make your life easier! How nice to live when you wake up on a new day in the forest to the chirping of birds! The project feels special thanks to its privileges that push the boundaries. How nice it is to live with privileges that will make you feel special at every moment!


The growing value of Kocaeli is Çayırköy. Kocaeli is one of the provinces of Turkey which is the most important center of industry, trade and employment. In addition to being central to economic activity, the area also has great nature, history and culture. Kocaeli with traces of historical societies; it contains the cultural wealth of such states as Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. Çayırköy is located on the Kandyra road to Kocaeli, surrounded by fresh air and nature. Its value is growing thanks to many investments. Due to its location, its attractiveness is growing every day. In Çayırköy, nature is beautiful, with its greenery, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. The Pashasuyu Wildlife Valley, the Kocaeli City Forest and the Gelköy Park in Çayırköy also give the region all the benefits of living in nature. Lake Sapanca with its stunning nature and almost eighty species of birds that live here will make you a bird too. It combines sounds and greenery. On the other hand, the forest, the largest natural park, leaves visitors with unforgettable memories. The bay of Izmit, which combines green and blue colors, is distinguished by beautiful beaches. Izmit Marina, Seka Park, Kocaeli Exhibition Centre, Wonder Coast, Başiskele, Milmendere, Karamürsel and Eskihisar are just some of the beautiful places in this region. Sardala Bay and Paradise Pool, located in the Kandira area of Kocaeli, with their untouched vegetation, is spotlessly clean and frequented by nature lovers. Three bays, located on a wide coastline with a length of about 1.5 km, with turquoise waters, enchant their visitors. Kocaeli, one of Turkey's leading cities with its bright future, and Çayırköy are within walking distance, as close as you want. You can go to any event or vacation you are planning. If you want, you can spend a snowy holiday in Kartepe, if you want, you can relax on the shore of Lake Sapanca in spring. You can have a picnic, enjoy the summer and the sea in any bay of Marmara or the Black Sea. Take a stroll through the Gelkay Park, located on the Keçkidere pond, within the borders of Çayirköy, from the footpath to the bike path, from the playground to the sports ground, from the recreation areas to the viewing platforms. There are all kinds of social services here, from fishing platforms to green spaces, from a social institution building to a pier. You will be within easy reach of activities.


  • Sauna and hammam offer the life of your dreams with the serenity of water that brings peace and happiness.

There are also many details here that will brighten up your privileged life:

  • Recreation areas
  • Outdoor and indoor playgrounds for children
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Multipurpose hobby areas
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Sun terraces
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Indoor and outdoor children's pool
  • Entertainment area
  • Amphitheater and Event Square
  • Cafe Lounge
  • Covered parking for each apartment
  • Security 24/7

Price list (in dollars)


  • Duplex with terrace from 132.70 sq.m. up to 145.50 sq.m. min. 187 813$ max. $195 $800
  • Duplex with garden 149.75 sq.m. $185 $971


  • Duplex with garden from 153.75 sq.m. up to 209.51 sq.m. min. $219 543 max. $335 $883
  • Standard apartments from 130.45 sq.m. up to 200.80 sq.m. min. $191 888 max. $300 $841
  • Duplex with terrace from 149.65 sq.m. up to 203.41 sq.m. min. $197 893 max. $344 $519


  • Duplex with garden from 215.46 sq.m. up to 232.30 sq.m. min. 344 $170 max. $365 $485
  • Standard apartments from 223.80 sq.m. up to 240.66 sq.m. min. 344 $222 max. $374 $586
  • Duplex with terrace from 217.87 sq.m. up to 230.43 sq.m. min. 324 085 $ max. 357 325$


  • Duplex with garden from 251.76 sq.m. up to 260.56 sq.m. min. $399 637 max. $448 $431
  • Duplex with terrace from 250.56 sq.m. up to 255.81 sq.m. min. 432 $203 max. $447 $830

Object Infrastructure

  • Sauna
  • Hammam
  • Recreation areas
  • Outdoor children's playground
  • Indoor children's playground
  • Walking paths
  • Multipurpose hobby areas
  • Indoor pool
  • Open pool
  • Sun terraces
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Basketball playground
  • Tennis court
  • Indoor children's pool
  • Outdoor children's pool
  • Entertainment zone
  • Amphitheater
  • Event area
  • Cafe-lounge
  • Covered parking
  • Security 24/7

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