Privileged Residential Complex in Sisli, Istanbul


from 325 360

Price: from 325 360

Property ID: 100

Information about the object

Square: от 80 m²

Number of bedrooms: 1+1, 2+1

More Details: Apartments, Apartments


A bit of history…

During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, this area became a settlement of immigrants brought from the island of Chios, and the area was called “Tatavla”. The name Tatavla comes from the Greek "barn". The reason was the presence of pastures and barns of the palace in Tatavla. After a big fire that broke out in 1929, it was called Kurtulush, which means "Salvation". From this date until the middle of the 20th century, the most populous and wealthy Greek people lived here. Today, Kurtulus has regained its diverse population, just like in history.

This is one of the oldest residential buildings in Istanbul - Heyula. When apartment buildings were growing in the world, Heyula appeared in Elmadag. Heiula was home to people who wanted to change, get away from life in a mansion and adjust to a new era. In those days, the view from the window did not matter much, so apartments with terraces belonged to the servants. Even when looking at the magnificent building of Heiula, there is a certain feeling of envy. Perhaps because it reflects the elegance of the period in which it was built.

About the project

We crave this 260 year old culture to be aware of our surroundings and respect...

Here, architecture reflects elegance, unforgettable moments of bygone times, as if against the backdrop of black and white photographs...

As if in our time, well-dressed gentlemen and elegant ladies live in noble buildings...

A warm home where you will feel at home and ready to immerse yourself in new memories; a place that is always ready to receive you...

The old houses of Istanbul have always had high ceilings to provide a more comfortable and spacious living. This heritage has been carried over into this residential complex, where apartments are designed 30% higher than in standard buildings. The 3.15 meter high ceilings provide residents with a comfortable and spacious life while continuing their architectural heritage.


The project is located in the city center, surrounded by transport interchanges.

It is located in the heart of great Istanbul, but away from the crowd...

Walking from Kurtulus to the main street, we pass through magic shops; fish shops, groceries, a butcher shop and a pastry shop famous for its cookies.

This area has an undeniable desire to keep up with the times.

13 minutes after leaving your home, you will arrive in Walikonagi. This is the street where you can find the prestigious shops of the leading fashion brands. Later, for activities and souvenir shopping, head to Taksim Square and the famous Istiklal Street, where the spirit of the city awaits.

Feriköy City Park, located in your area, is an alternative to a healthy lifestyle with its 21.500 m2 green area. You can go for a walk, go jogging or take your kids to the playgrounds. This modern urban park is a great gateway to a healthier life and the privilege of living in the metropolis.

The museum, located in Dolapder, bases its fundamental values on culture and education. In addition, there is a collection of contemporary art from the Vehbi Koç Foundation. Occasionally there will be temporary exhibitions and events on various topics.


In a dynamic life with business, entertainment, art and culture.

Kurtulus 350 m, Bomonti 1.1 km, Osmanbey metro 900 m, Nisantasi 1.6 km, Harbiye 1.2 km, Taksim 2.9 km, Golden Horn 7.1 km, Bosphorus 8 km.

  • Taksim Square – 1.7 km. (5 min.)
  • Nishantashi – 1.4 km. (5 min.)
  • Zorlu center – 4 km. (13 min.)
  • Beaumontiada – 1.1 km. (3 min.)
  • Jevahir Trade Center – 1.2 km. (8 min.)
  • Eminönü – 4.6 km. (8 min.)
  • Halich Congress Center – 4.1 km. (13 min.)
  • Besiktas – 2.1 km. (7 min.)
  • Ortakoy – 4.5 km. (15 min.)
  • Halich University – 1.5 km. (5 min.)
  • Nishantashi University – 850 m. (2 min.)
  • Istanbul Technical University Macka – 2.3 km. (7 min.)
  • Istanbul Technical University of Tashkishli – 2.3 km. (7 min.)
  • Istanbul Technical University Gumussuyu – 2.3 km. (6 min.)
  • University of Bahcesehir – 2.3 km. (9 min.)
  • Mimar Sinan Bomonti University – 1 km. (3 min.)
  • Mimar Sinana Kabatash University – 2.8 km. (8 min.)
  • Kadir Khas University – 4.4 km. (11 min.)
  • Yildiz Technical University – 3.8 km. (10 min.)
  • Bilgi University – 3.8 km. (15 min.)

Infrastructure and Services

When asked, people said that their dream home would be in a beautiful building with high ceilings, in harmony with the history of this magical city. They said that the ideal home should have the luxury and functionality of modern living on the inside, while on the outside it should have a welcoming façade. Then we found out what they wanted. The complex has become not only a cold building with high ceilings...

Spacious residential complex with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 apartments with a garden and a terrace that makes your life easier thanks to a concierge and car parks with a ceiling height of 3.15 m; just like in the old days.

The most important perk of living in this project is its amenities. From the PlayStation game room to the cinema room, the visitor room to the children's playroom. You can take advantage of various recreation areas. With the help of the “House in the house” you can book exclusive rooms at any time and you only need to pay for the amenities as you use them. This method provides residents with lounges and extensive grounds without the need for regular maintenance fees. The fitness center is not included in pay-as-you-go. It is included in the common areas.

  • Pay as you go
  • No service fee

Social facilities and services:

  • Children's playground
  • PlayStation game room
  • Private cinema
  • Multifunctional visitor and event space
  • 4 separate rooms for your guests
  • Turkish bath for families
  • Steam room
  • SPA
  • Yoga/Pilates room
  • Fitness room / not included in the pay-as-you-go system. You can use it as much as you like.
  • 2 meeting rooms for job interviews and events
  • Free indoor parking
  • Owners or tenants can take full advantage of housekeeping

Price list (in dollars)

  • 1+1 80 sq.m. 334 143
  • 1.5+1 from 93 sq.m. up to 101 sq.m. min. 373 750 Max. 393 750
  • 2+1 (duplex) from 157 sq.m. up to 176 sq.m. min. 596 142 Max. 669 214

Object Infrastructure

  • Children playground
  • Turkish sauna
  • Steam room
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Conference rooms
  • Closed parking
  • PlayStation game room
  • Private cinema
  • Yoga/Pilates room

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