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Free real estate selection

To look through tens of thousands of real estate on offer in Istanbul and select something worthy of attention, you will need to spend tens or even hundreds of hours. The process might be long-lasting, troublesome, and tiring. We are ready to make this task easier for you!

Individual selection of real estate in the Sky Turk agency is a complimentary service when our experts will help you find the perfect real estate in Istanbul.

Our agency has an immense database of real estate, so it will be easy for us to select the offers that will appeal to you!

To receive a personal selection, send us an application with criteria regarding the desired real estate, indicating the purpose of the purchase and the approximate size of the budget. While you dedicate your time to your everyday routine, your agent will select several suitable options for you to choose from.

The individual selected will contain a detailed description of the technical characteristics of the real estate with photos or videos of the object. If needed, the manager will consult you and provide the details on the specifics of the buy-sale agreement in Istanbul.

Real estate investment

If you want to increase your savings or get a source of additional income – investing in real estate in Istanbul is exactly what you need!

The specialists of the Sky Turk agency are well aware of the local real estate market, as they constantly monitor the investment climate and study every object for profitability and the potential for growth in value. All of the above allows us to offer customers the most profitable investment options.

Sky Turk offers investors:

  • individual selection of investment projects;
  • assessment of the profitability of the investment: calculation of profitability and return on investment period;
  • selection of ways to reduce possible investment risks;
  • organization of a free inspection tour to select real estate;
  • verification of title documents;
  • support at all stages of the buy-sale agreement;
  • trust management of the property as a part of the after-sales service.

Every client matters to us! We value the reputation of a reliable partner, so we do our best to make your investments work for you.

Online inspection tour

Choose a property in Istanbul in real time! SkyTurk invites you to take a virtual inspection tour of your apartment, house, or office without leaving the comfort of your home.

An online inspection tour is a video tour of the real estate you like. This service is free for all foreign customers who do not yet have the opportunity to visit Turkey.

Our agency manager will contact you in advance and agree on a convenient date, time, and video communication channel. At the appointed time, the specialist will go to the real estate you like, provide information about the location of the residential building, walk around the courtyard and show you the infrastructure of the building.

During the inspection tour, the agent focuses on the crucial points for you: view from the windows, layout, and quality of repairs. During the online presentation, the manager will answer any questions you might have, regarding the buy-sale agreement and all the specifics associated with moving to Turkey.

Support at the stage of the purchase

When you work with the real estate company SkyTurk, you can be sure of a successful and safe purchase of the real estate in Istanbul. We will be by your side at every stage of the buy-sale agreement.

Our company provides full customer support: from submitting an application for the real estate selection to finalizing the buy-sale agreement and the transfer of keys.

SkyTurk offers customers:

  • Selection for real estate that meets the budget and preferences of the buyer.
  • Organization of an inspection tour and demonstration of selected real estate. 
  • Representation of the client's interests in negotiations, and negotiation of the terms of the buy-sale agreement.
  • Legal due diligence of title documents and assessment of potential risks.
  • Drafting and finalizing a buy-sale agreement.
  • Assistance in collecting all necessary documents, certificates, and extracts.
  • Organization and conduct of secure settlements between the seller and the buyer.
  • Assistance in filing documents for re-registration of ownership.

The process is carried out by your personal realtor under the control of the top manager and the agency's lawyer.

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